Upcycled Halloween

We’ve been chopping and cutting away here! Gruesome!

Not as scary as it sounds. We’re having an eco-friendly up-cycled Halloween at Creative Stores. So we’ve been taking our scissors to anything and everything we can find around the house!

Spooky Milk Carton Lanterns

These lanterns can be made up out of lots of different containers. You just need to think outside the box, so to speak, and the options are limitless. Wine bottles made to look like witches with little black hats or, say, bandaged jam jars with eyes peaking out. All you need for these particular lanterns are old clean milk cartons (wash carefully or they can get very smelly). These need to be the slightly transparent kind.  A permanent marker pen like a Sharpie (cheaper poundland style shops tend to sell these now).  And the naughty bit (cos they’re plastic) glowsticks! Again you can get these cheaply but the cheaper ones shine less brightly .

Wash out those cartons and draw on some scary faces. The internet has lots and lots of examples for inspiration. Pop in a glow stick and dot them around the garden to greet trick or treaters.

Boo Wreath

This is a variation on a rag wreaths.

I try and take my shopping bags to the supermarket, honestly I do, but sometimes I forget and end up with plastic bags! Guilty as charged. So this craft made me feel less guilty utilising our stash. We used our surplus of orange bags for this wreath. Thank you Sainsburys. The base ring can be made of wire or you could even try newspaper rolls bound tightly together with duct tape to make a circle. Try an embroidery hoop. Anything which can be made into a hoop that will hold its shape. Cut up strips of approx 4 inch by 8 inch and tie around the base hoop. We added accents of black bin bag to make it ultra Halloweeny!!

The ‘Boo’ is made from black card and attached with duck tape to the hoop. You could add toy eyeballs or lights to the wreath too to customise it further.

Ta da!  One Boo Wreath.

Spooky Eyes

This is so simple it’s silly. A toilet roll or kitchen roll tube with eyes shapes cut out and a glow stick sellotaped in. Hide a few in the bushes and wait for dark!






October 30, 2014 News

Author: Amanda Bloomfield