Christmas Card Collage Stag Decoration

photo (9)Here’s a fabulous and effective way to display and use new or old Christmas cards. I’ve been meaning to try this for a few weeks now and yesterday the kids and I finally got crafting.  Obviously this theme won’t be everyone’s preference so the theme can be changed to a Santa, giant bauble, snowflake or anything Christmassy. Between Christmas and New Year you could create a 2015 sign!


Cardboard, which this time of year is just about everywhere or pick up a box from your supermarket.

Wrapping paper. Any pattern is fine but we chose an organic style which looks nice with or without collage.

Christmas cards, scissors, decent sticky glue

How to:

Roughly draw a stag or reindeer head onto the cardboard. You can make this as big or small as you like but on the larger side is more fun. Don’t worry about drawing skills as any mistakes will be covered later. Take inspiration from pictures on the web. When you’re happy with your outline get cutting. Then take a piece of wrapping paper and tacky glue over the cardboard. Apply paper to card leaving a margin of about 1 inch. Neatly sellotape the edges over the sides onto the back of design.

If your glue is dry already then you can start cutting and applying Christmas card pictures. You might want to highlight eyes, noses etc. Hey presto!  Mount on your wall with something wall friendly. Xx



December 21, 2014 Guest postHow to

Author: Amanda Bloomfield